WholeBody MFR supports you to restore you to a pain free, active and peaceful life using Myofascial Release Therapy – MFR – an effective, gentle and safe form of bodywork taught by John F. Barnes.  MFR offers long lasting, permanent results.  It is not massage and not traditional physical therapy.

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Darren Moskowitz is the only therapist in Burlington, Vermont trained to expert level in John F Barnes’ Myofascial Release Therapy.  He supports clients to reduce pain, anxiety, and tightness in the body, increase joint movement and muscle flexibility, minimize repetitive injury and seek healthier ways to interact with stress.   Darren customizes MFR treatments to meet your needs.  He has extensive experience working with individuals experiencing all types of injuries and illnesses as well as high performing athletes and active outdoor enthusiasts.  His specialities include treatment for acute and chronic pain or illness (especially hip, back, neck, shoulder, headaches and joint problems), TMJ and plantar fasciitis.  Darren works with both adults and children to address minor health issues as well as those suffering from the ongoing effects of cancer treatments, depression, vertigo, multiple surgeries and other rare diagnoses. He has collaborated with medical professionals at UVM Medical Center, Burlington Community Health Center, and many naturopathic doctors, community dentists, acupuncturists, physical therapists, massage therapists, yoga and pilates instructors and exercise trainers in the greater Burlington area.

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Darren has extended his practice to provide treatment to animals, primarily equine and canine therapy.  Learn more about Darren’s work with horses and other animals. 

Myofascial Release helps remove the ‘straight jacket’ or crushing forces caused by fascial restrictions within our fascial system.  Since Myofascial Restrictions don’t show up on any standardized tests (mri, xray or ct scans) you probably are only getting temporary relief, a couple of hours to a couple of days.  Because fascial restrictions are the source of so many symptoms, MFR can help relieve pain and provide long term results associated with physical injuries, trauma stored in the body, and many chronic conditions.   Learn more about Myofascial Release

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