I had been to many chiropractors, massage therapists and physical therapists over the last 20 years for relief.  I  usually got some temporary relief from lower back and neck/shoulder pain.  Since I have been going to Darren,  I have seen so much improvement in my flexibility and the back pain is gone. My plantars fasciitis is disappearing as well!  In the beginning, I was not a believer of MFR  but I now tell everyone who will listen- give it a try-It works !  BB, Realtor

I made an appointment with Darren at the suggestion of a friend because I was recovering from a back herniation and lost mobility in my right leg and chiropractic care didn’t feel like enough.  Her description of his work with her was very captivating because of how holistic it seemed. That has proved to be completely true and was just what I needed.  His encouragement about understanding how to pay attention, appreciate and open myself to the intrinsic knowledge my body has about how to heal itself is very powerful and has helped me grow as a whole person and not just recover physically.  I have always sought out great care providers who have a partnership model but never have I been so engaged in my work with a provider and not just the recipient of care.  Darren recommends self treatment exercises based on what he feels each session, and I am now doing MFR work at home on my own and feel like I have some great new tools that I’ll use forever.  Darren has a gentle and happy presence that puts you right at home.  He has a way of asking questions that can help shift your mental space enough to open yourself to new awareness about what you are holding.  He’s just great and I have been handing out his card and recommending him to everyone who tells me about injuries and aches and pains they are dealing with.  JP, Vice President

“ I was interested in MFR as I was feeling stuck after trying other forms of therapy and treatment.  I was able to work through some blocks, and understand my body in ways I hadn’t before.  I also felt more range of motion and flexibility.  Darren also taught me forms of self-treatment.  I found him very understanding, intuitive, and supportive. “  BE, Physician

Since I started treatments with Darren over 2 years ago, I have had both emotional and physical changes to my core self. The myofascial release process is a collaboration with Darren and Darren’s help has been essential to my progress. We journey together to get to the places I don’t always anticipate going and Darren always makes the journey safe and easy. I always feel I have 100% of his attention and warm compassionate care.”  SS, Artist

My first encounter with Darren was his class in self myofascial release for cancer survivors.  I decided  that I wanted one-on-one work and since Darren was unknown to me, I researched area practitioners.  Darren’s credentials put him at the top of the list.  Darren is an intrinsically caring person.  His empathetic nature coupled with the depth and breadth of his knowledge and skill make him a powerful partner in healing.  He creates a safe place to move through grieving and recovery, not only with regard to cancer, but also from the ills we carry with us from life experiences.  Each session provides a noticeable reduction in pain and increasing freedom of movement and deepens integration of mind, body and emotions.   I am fortunate to be one of his beneficiaries.  GH, Physical Therapist

“As a professional treating mental health and chronic pain I have referred many people to Darren when they have not benefitted from traditional treatments.   I have had people with PTSD, particularly with trauma from a very young age, improve.   I have had pain patients with physical trauma also have improvement in pain, range of motion, improved function.  They report Darren is very supportive and understanding.”  Pain Med Psychiatrist

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